You are 100% normal! There is nothing at all wrong with having lots of passions and interests. This is all part of living with a creative brain. However, getting clear on one thing is critical to finding the focus and success you’re looking for in your business.

First things first, before you can become known, you have to pinpoint your passion. Finding out what you should focus on first, most likely will require ‘letting go’ of all of the other things that could’ve been.

Pinpoint Your Passion to Succeed

Imagine if you…

  • Finally felt like you could move forward with a purpose.
  • Knew exactly what to sell to your audience.
  • Were confident in your calling!

It’s also important to realize that picking one passion is not the end of the road for all of the others, it’s a starting point. You need to become known for one thing before people will begin to accept you are good at several things.

what to expect

Module 1: intro module 2: Brain Dump
module 3: research
module 4: field of favor
module 5: mentorship

Clarity comes with commitment. The more you commit to taking action inside of your one passion; the clearer your path will become.

In this FREE five-part mini-course, it is my goal to help you sift through all of the things that you “could be and do” to lead you to pinpoint the one thing you should start with for now in order to see success in the shortest time possible.