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If you haven’t purchased your planner yet, grab one below now.

Congratulations on making such an amazing investment into your future self!

To make this planner work best for you this year, I’m sharing a few tips and strategies with you below:

Step One: Prep Your Planner

This is the fun part, my friend! Grab a few of the recommended supplies below and then watch the video to see how to make them work for you!

Step Two: How Your Planner Works

Content Planning Pages

In the front of the planner are a couple of planning pages for you to map out your content ideas for the year by month. These are meant to be loose and flexible ideas for you to reference monthly. Watch the video below to see how to best use these pages.

Monthly Calendars and Stats Pages

Each month there is a month-at-a-glance page for you to fill in with important dates to remember. You will also see a monthly stats section at the bottom for your social stats and blog stats. If you do not have a blog, simply replace those squares with whatever you wish to track.

Monthly Inspirational Quote Pages

These are the pages with lines and a quote along with a QR code for you to capture with your phone. The QR code or the URL at the bottom of these pages will take you to a special “coaching” landing page for that month. It will include motivation, timely content planning tips for that month, subject ideas, and more. Don’t miss these valuable monthly bonuses made especially for you the content creator in mind!

Weekly Calendar Pages

These are for you to fill in your daily appointments and tasks each week as well as lay out your pre-planned content ideas.

Spark Your Business

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Fuel Mastermind

You are also personally invited to join us in the private mastermind as well where we have monthly Q & A’s and candid discussions around content creation as a career.

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