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109 | $10K Amazon Secrets with Kathleen Kobel

Are you excited about making real money with your Amazon earnings? If you’ve been discouraged by past attempts at making more than a few dollars with Amazon, you’re going to want to listen to this episode. Enter Kathleen Kobel, an Amazon expert ready to share her wisdom on making real, life-changing money with her $10K Amazon secrets.

Kathleen hails from Chicago, Illinois, and brings over a decade of experience with Amazon. She began her journey by selling grad school textbooks on Amazon and later gained valuable insights while working as an entrepreneur. Over time, she transitioned to independent Amazon selling, expanding her expertise in the realm of Amazon Influencer Programs.

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Amazon’s Earning Programs

Amazon offers two key programs for income generation: the Amazon Associate program and the Amazon Influencer program.

Amazon Associate Program

This program operates on affiliate marketing principles. You recommend products on Amazon to your audience through various platforms, such as social media, blogs, or YouTube, using your affiliate links. However, a sizable audience is vital to maximize your earnings with this program.

Amazon Influencer Program

This program, on the other hand, leverages your content. You still earn commissions through your links, but the standout feature is that Amazon showcases your content directly on its platform. Your videos and images are displayed on product pages, search results, and the Amazon Inspire app. It’s like Amazon is doing the marketing for you.

Amazon Influencer Program Features

Amazon’s Influencer program focuses on three primary features:

  1. Storefront: a dedicated storefront for consistent product placement and easy sharing with an audience.
  2. Inspire App: Engages with short, vertical videos like Reels, which perform well on Amazon Inspire.
  3. Live: Amazon Live is most effective for those with larger followings who can commit to daily live sessions.

Kathleen’s Content Creation Workflow

Kathleen’s content creation process combines strategic planning with efficient recording and editing:

  • Planning: Kathleen prioritizes products, decides on her format (with or without her presence), and outlines key talking points.
  • Recording: She records her content, sometimes with her face included, or focuses solely on product footage.
  • Editing: Kathleen either edits her videos herself or enlists the help of a virtual assistant.

Product Selection and Batch Recording

Kathleen’s goal is to create 25 videos weekly. She plans her recordings based on the products she already owns, prioritizing those with high sales potential. She also accounts for seasonality and links her content to upcoming events or holidays, boosting her chances of success.

Linking Strategies

When linking to Amazon, Kathleen prefers using Amazon’s own shortened URLs to adhere to their guidelines. She emphasizes linking to her storefront or brand store when promoting multiple products to simplify affiliate disclosures.

Amazon Creator Success System

Kathleen’s success story proves that Amazon’s Influencer program can be a game-changer. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a busy mom seeking financial freedom, Kathleen’s course, “Influence and Earn: Amazon Creator Success System” provides you with the tools and strategies to embark on your own successful Amazon journey.

Course Highlights

The course takes you from square one to consistently earning over $10,000 each month on Amazon. Kathleen shares her insider knowledge, covering everything from program application to product selection, recording, and optimizing your content for success.

Special Offer for Podcast Listeners Only

As a valued listener, you can access “Influence and Earn: Amazon Creator Success System” with an exclusive $100 discount. Simply use the coupon code “COF” at checkout. This course is your ticket to unlocking Amazon’s income potential, and Kathleen is eager to guide you every step of the way.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your online earnings and leave overwhelm behind. Join Kathleen’s course today and discover the financial freedom you’ve been dreaming of.

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