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67 | Chair Whimsy Online Course Success with Wendy Conklin

My guest today, Wendy Conklin, is showing up with wisdom sharing all of the creative and business courses she has created to successfully build and maintain a thriving full-time business called Chair Whimsy.

Wendy, mom of two daughters, lives in Round Rock, TX, started her business in 2014, and continues today using her passion for creating amazing furniture pieces of upholstered artwork in order to serve her clients. She started out blogging about mixing and matching patterns of fabric sharing it on her social media. She noticed the same questions coming up over and over about the same things. That is when she decided to give out the answers once and for all in the form of an online course. Her first course was born after a lot of research and deep dives with her followers and blog readers.

With a background in education, Wendy uses her teaching skills to effectively walk others through the creation process using step-by-step video tutorials in her courses.

Chair Whimsy Courses include:

  • DIY Upholstery
  • Fabric Mixology
  • Business of Chairs
  • Chair Styling
  • Sourcing Swoon-Worthy Fabrics
  • Just the Bottoms
  • Creating with Color
  • Mix it Like a Style Maven

She continued to build her email list over time using specific “freebies” as her optins. She still grows daily with her original optin “Get 24 chair upholstery ideas for your next project!” Wendy currently mails her list weekly and more often during a course launch. One of her success secrets is to use the “open/closed” method for launching her courses. There is a limited time in which one can join which causes students to take action and therefore creates more sales. She also adds to the excitement by creating a “wait list” for those that express interest in her courses.

Wendy has built each one of her courses over time to answer the specific needs of her audience. She offers an array of pricing and skill level to fit the needs and interests of all of her followers. Wendy didn’t let the technical side slow her down. She used the help of her VA’s to nail down the tech part of course creation.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Wendy got started with courses
  • How she built her business on offering different levels of courses
  • Advice for anyone who wants to create a course
  • How to listen to your audience/readers
  • Tips to grow an email list
  • Importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded professionals

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