23 | How to Grow a Brick and Mortar Storefront Online using Memberships with Tracy Pounds

My friend, Tracy Pounds, has not one but FOUR paid memberships! how did she get there? Well, when the pandemic hit, Tracy made a massive pivot to the online space from her brick and mortar store and she succeeded! She used her knowledge of the types of customers she catered to in person and turned it into a membership empire! With some creative Live marketing and clever use of kits, Tracy has been able to grow four unique spaces where her clients can express their creativity and find a way to enjoy a sense of community, even when they can’t get together in person. 

Tracy Pounds, or Miss Tracy Creates as she’s professionally known, is the owner of the Little Blue House store and studio. Tracy used to teach art classes and do  demonstrations in person out of her brick and mortar storefront, but then made the jump to the online world. Tracy started out her membership journey with the Page Builder’s Clubhouse for scrap bookers and memory keepers. She has also created the Faith Journaling Experience for her bible journaling clients and the Napkin Club and Fabric Fan Club as well. These last two clubs also include kits that customers’ have shipped to their homes on a monthly basis. With the launch of these additional revenue streams, Tracy has been able to keep The Little Blue House open, even through the hardships of the Covid 19 pandemic.

In this episode, we cover:

– Dealing with overwhelm when you’re trying to grow your business
– What you can do to create interest in your services and gain a following

– How paid memberships can alleviate financial stress for a physical business

– The benefits of online teaching and demonstrations vs. in person
– Using social media to expand your client base

– How being creative can help the mind, body, and soul



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