151 | 5 Ways to Own Your Audience Beyond Social Media

In this episode, I’m sharing some smart strategies for content creators to take control of their audience without relying solely on social media platforms. Here are five effective solutions to help you build a loyal following on your own terms:

Build and nurture your email list with personalized newsletters.

Create a community forum on your blog for deeper interactions.

  • Texting Solutions

Use SMS marketing like simple texting or slick text to reach your audience directly on their phones.

Build a dedicated Telegram group for your followers.

  • Mighty Network
  1. Create a branded online community platform with Mighty Network.
  2. Offer courses, events, and exclusive content to your members.
  3. Monetize your community through memberships and subscriptions.

Take these steps to own your audience and build a more sustainable, engaged, and loyal community. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast for more tips and insights!

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