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Your individuality is what makes you stand out, makes you successful, and makes you special. So why would you ever want to suppress that quality by copying someone else? It happens though my friends, and today I tell you the reasons why Creatives may fall into the imitation trap. I discuss social media usage, envy, and insecurity. I also share my own experiences with copying and the hard lessons I had to learn.

There is a difference between taking inspiration from someone else’s ideas or work and taking that work itself. I have some advice to share with you today about being inspired and inspiring others. I also talk about finding your own gifts and staying true to yourself to achieve happiness. 

In this episode, we cover:

– Three reasons why people watch other people online

– Why comparing yourself to others will only lead to disaster

– My experience creating products for my brick and mortar store

– Getting still and quiet to find your true talents

– Important things to remember when you’re envious of others

– Inspiring people by being your best self

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