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148 | Blog Rebrand and Niche Sites with Heather Painchaud

This week, I’m chatting with Heather Painchaud, the mastermind behind the blog Homemade Heather. Heather shares her journey from hobby blogger to full-time income earner, offering invaluable tips for aspiring bloggers. Don’t miss out on her story and insights!

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Key Highlights

  • Starting Out: Heather began blogging in 2008 to share her passion for crafts, DIY projects, and recipes.
  • Monetization Journey: A turning point came in 2015 when she discovered AdThrive, significantly boosting her income.
  • Consistency: Heather publishes three new blog posts weekly, maintaining a regular schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Rebranding: In 2019, Heather rebranded from Twin Dragonfly Designs to Homemade Heather, aligning her brand with her current focus areas.
  • Social Media Strategies: Heather finds Pinterest invaluable for driving traffic, using Tailwind for scheduling. Instagram, enhanced with Manychat, also plays a key role.
  • Niche Sites: She launched Campfire Foodie to house camping-related content, which is now fully monetized and generates passive income.
  • Advice for New Bloggers: Heather advises giving yourself grace and understanding that building a successful blog takes time.

Heather Painchaud’s journey is inspiring. By focusing on consistency, leveraging social media effectively, and strategically rebranding, she has built a thriving blog. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your blog to the next level, Heather’s insights offer valuable guidance.

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