34 | The Journey to 100k Followers with Melanie Ferguson

Do you have a goal you’re striving to reach? Some days, does it feel like the energy to reach that goal is waning? You’re not alone. Today I’m talking about perseverance. I’ve got some advice for you to help with those tough times when you feel like you’re not growing fast enough, making enough money, or stacking up to your peers. I have some things I want you to try that helped me reach 100,000 followers and beyond. 

We all know that consistency is important and that going Live is important for some growth strategies. Having systems in place is key to achieving that consistency and I tell you why today. I also talk about goal setting and what to do when you reach various milestones with your business. Success is going to look different for everyone, so I also address ways to stay motivated when success is at hand, or when you experience progress setbacks. 

In this episode, we cover:

– monetizing on Facebook and dealing with Facebook jail

– How to handle negative, hurtful comments

– Setting milestone goals that you can achieve frequently

– Remembering why you started your business and what you Really want to achieve

– Celebrating your wins

– Focusing on the journey and not the destination



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