14 | Ways to Profit from Creating Products for Your Audience with Kim Demmon

Who is your audience and what do they want? If you’re following your passion, then odds are good that your readers are people just like you, so write about what you find interesting! This is just some the amazing advice my guest Kim Demmon, creator of the Today’s Creative Life blog, has for us. In addition to her tips for new bloggers, we also discuss some of the technical aspects of running a successful blog including organization to ensure that it’s user friendly and scaling down to improve site recognition and searchability. As a savvy business woman that has been blogging and growing her business for years, she knows that doing what inspires you and educating yourself is key. On today’s episode, Kim shares some of that hard-won wisdom with us.

Kim started Today’s Creative Life as a hobby in 2007 before sites like Pinterest and Instagram existed for content one-stop-shopping. Looking for material to read on creative projects and ideas, Kim was finding it in all over the internet, but nowhere in a consolidated, easy-to-find format. This inspired her to start her own site featuring the interesting articles, recipes, and blog posts she came across in her searches. As the blog evolved over the years and Kim expanded her horizons from featuring content to creating it, Today’s Creative Life now offers products for purchase, subscriber perks, and online courses created by Kim herself.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Finding the balance between keeping an eye on current trends and staying true to yourself and enjoy creating products
  • How to monetize the parts of your site that are getting the most positive feedback and highest traffic
  • Paying attention to your followers requests and questions. If they’re asking you how to do something or how to make something, there’s a product there!
  • Focusing on branding to attract readers and making sure that your branding reflects who you are now with room to grow in the future

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