124 | Why Most Creatives Don’t Reach Their Goals and How to Prevent It

Are you brimming with excitement for your 2024 resolutions and goals? If so, you’re in great company. However, most creative business owners don’t reach their goals. Why does this happen, particularly to creatives, and what can we do about it? In this episode, I will share the reasons and how to prevent it from happening to you!

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Routines as a Foundation for Success

Contrary to the belief that routines stifle creativity, they can actually conserve mental energy and create room for more creativity. It’s about starting small and building up.

Overcoming Barriers

To tackle overwhelm, break down big goals into manageable chunks. Focus on personal growth and organize your physical space to minimize distractions.

The Rule of Power Hours

Identify and utilize your most productive hours to focus intensely on steps that drive your business forward. This focused approach helps in making significant progress toward your goals.

The journey to keeping our New Year’s resolutions and goals as creatives is by understanding and navigating the unique challenges we face. By establishing routines, removing barriers, and optimizing our power hours, we can transform our creative energies into tangible results.

Remember, it’s not about perfection; it’s about progress. As we wrap up this episode, we encourage you to embrace these strategies, and if you’re looking for more guidance, don’t forget to check out the planner and the mastermind group. Here’s to a creative and successful 2024!

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