76 | The Achieve Conference for Bloggers

This week, I cannot wait to share with you all about the Achieve Conference! This conference is a fun-filled, 3-day business event for bloggers to be held in Waco, TX again on October 2-4, 2023. Corey Hudson with Hudson Farmhouse and Kelly Ballard with City Girl Meets Farm Boy have put together this amazing opportunity for you to meet other creative business owners in the blogging space, learn new strategies for your business, and unwind a little.

Learn more about the event and get your ticket here below.

Achieve Conference

The Achieve Conference for Bloggers

Corey and Kelly have worked hard to put this first annual blogging conference together for you. They are bringing you, top-notch instructors, for each social media platform as well as experts on taxes and business planning.

Listen in as they share with us all about:

  • What to expect at this blogging conference
  • How to prepare to get the most from your experience
  • Discovering new relationships in the industry
  • Who the conference is for

In this episode, we cover:

  • Dates of the event
  • Fun shopping excursions
  • Yummy meals & cocktails provided
  • Lodging for the event
  • All about the “prom” night finale

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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