April 2024 Your Fortune is on the Other Side of Your Fear

Hello, April 2024! Are you a procrastinator of all things? Do you find it hard to make decisions? These are just a couple of the signs that you may be struggling with an inner fear that runs deep my friend. One that you may not even be aware of right now.

However, the truth is, your fortune is on the other side of your fear. This means that whatever is holding you back from “doing the things” it takes to hit your goals must be rooted out if you want to realize growth and results.

Faith is a key component to taking the action needed to face your fear and move forward anyway. Each step we take, no matter how small, helps squash fear.

I’m so excited that you are choosing to join me in this new journey of content creation with purpose. Each month, you will find a dedication post on the blog that correlates with your Content Planner for Creatives. If you don’t already have yours, you can order it below from Amazon and have it in just a couple of short days.

April’s FUEL MASTERMIND Calendar of Events

DateTimeEvent Description
Tuesday, April 2, 202410 am CTGROUP TOPIC ZOOM CALL
Tuesday, April 9, 202410 am CTGUEST EXPERT ZOOM CALL
Tuesday, April 16, 202410 am CTBLOGGING UP ZOOM CALL
Tuesday, April 23, 202410 am CTQ&A ZOOM CALL
Tuesday, April 30, 202410 am CTBONUS QUARTERLY PLANNING

*If you would like to join us inside the Mastermind calls, apply HERE below.

Mindset Tip

This one is good! Listen as Steve Harvey shares his story of facing fear!

Podcast Episodes

Be sure to listen in to the following episodes to work on your mindset for success. I hope you find them encouraging my friend!

Content Planning

General Content Topics

Use this monthly guide below as a starting point to think of content ideas for your social media posts, promotions, and blog posts.

Choose only the topics and ideas that are a good fit for your brand or your audience. Check for keywords on Pinterest and hashtags on Instagram to get the most from your topics.

Encouragement Emails

If you haven’t already, take some time and write out Encouragement Emails to yourself. One for each quarter left in the year should be scheduled to arrive in your inbox for April 29, July 29, and October 28.

Gmail can schedule the sending of your emails as can most platforms.

Acknowledge how far you’ve come in your business, and the progress you’ve made, mention milestones you want to reach, compliment your attributes, remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing, and give yourself encouragement for the weeks ahead.

Use a kind tone in your email as if you are talking to a child. Be gentle, sweet, and tender with your words to yourself.

Whenever you’re ready:

#1 Grab Your Creatives on Fire™ Content Planner:

This is an invaluable tool for anyone who creates content online and wants to keep track and know exactly what you need to be doing on a daily basis to make it happen.

#2 Learn How to Start a Blog:

You’re just one step away from making REAL money from a blog. Blog Kickstart is waiting for you… are you ready?

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