137 | Part 5: Brand Collab Secrets: Brand Expert Panel

In this tea-spilling episode, we’ve had the privilege of hosting three incredible guest experts who’ve generously shared their wealth of knowledge on collaborating with brands. Each guest brought unique insights and personal experiences to the table, offering valuable advice for content creators at every stage of their journey.

Meet the Brand Experts

  • Kristi Bissell from The Pickled Rose brought her veteran insights, highlighting how the landscape for securing brand deals has evolved over the years.
  • Sara McDaniel from Simply Southern Cottage shared her journey from receiving an unexpected email to securing her first paid brand deal, emphasizing the role of organic growth and consistent quality.
  • Kelly Ballard from CityGirl meets FarmBoy discussed her proactive approach to brand collaborations, underscoring the importance of persistence and strategic tagging.

Here’s a summary of the key takeaways and highlights from our discussion:

Landing Your First Paid Brand Deal

  • The journey to landing your first paid brand collaboration varies but often starts with organic engagement and demonstrating genuine love for the brand’s products.
  • Building a portfolio of work, even if initially unpaid or product-based, sets the stage for future paid opportunities.

Transitioning to Paid Collaborations

  • Transitioning from product-based to paid collaborations involves demonstrating value to brands, showcasing your ability to engage your audience effectively.
  • Our experts advocate for over-delivering on initial collaborations to establish a strong relationship and open doors for future paid projects.

Navigating Brand Agencies and Management

  • The role of brand agencies and personal brand management in securing deals was discussed, with perspectives varying from preferring direct control to leveraging agencies for contract negotiation and deal acquisition.
  • The panel emphasized the importance of maintaining control over one’s brand while being open to the strategic advantages of working with agencies.

Long-Term Relationships vs. One-Off Deals

  • Our guests unanimously favored long-term brand partnerships for their predictability and the deeper engagement they foster with both the brand and the audience.
  • They also shared insights into negotiating contracts, ensuring fair compensation, and the strategic use of one-off deals as “filler” opportunities.

Evolving Trends in Brand Collaborations

  • The discussion highlighted shifts in the industry, including the impact of decreased engagement post-COVID and the increasing preference of brands to engage in affiliate commission models.
  • Despite these changes, the fundamental principles of providing high-quality content and maintaining authentic engagement remain key to securing and retaining brand collaborations.

Advice for Aspiring Content Creators

  • The experts shared heartfelt advice for those looking to pivot to paid collaborations, emphasizing the importance of self-confidence, clear communication of value to brands, and the strategic tagging of brands in organic content.
  • They also discussed the critical role of patience and persistence, encouraging creators to build relationships with brands over time, even if initial collaborations are not financially compensated.

Insights on Contract Negotiation and Creative Deliverables

  • Practical tips were offered on contract negotiation, understanding the terms of agreements, and the creative ways to offer value to brands through diverse deliverables across platforms.
  • The panel encouraged creators to think outside the box in terms of content creation and delivery, tailoring their offerings to meet the evolving needs of brands while ensuring their own creative and financial goals are met.

This episode not only offered a deep dive into the strategies for successful brand collaborations but also showcased the power of community, sharing, and mutual support among content creators. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to elevate your brand collaboration game, there’s invaluable wisdom to be gleaned from the experiences of Kristi, Sara, and Kelly.

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