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138 | Viral on Instagram: New Account Strategy with Amy Sadler and Kelly Radcliff

In this episode, we will learn from two incredible guests, Amy Sadler of Amy Sadler Designs and Kelly Radcliff of The Tattered Pew, who share their journeys from stagnate to viral success on Instagram. Through their stories, we uncover the strategies, mindset shifts, and actionable tips that propelled their growth, offering a roadmap for anyone looking to elevate their Instagram presence.

Amy Sadler: A Fresh Start with Intention

The Journey Begins

Amy Sadler, originally without a clear direction on Instagram, found her footing by launching a new account, Paint Made Simple. With a focus on helping people navigate the overwhelming world of paint colors, Amy’s journey underscores the importance of intention and clarity in branding.

Strategy for Success

  • Intentional Posting: Committing to a rigorous schedule, Amy posted reels six days a week initially, focusing solely on content that simplifies painting for her audience.
  • Engagement Through Stories: Utilizing Instagram stories, Amy interacted with her followers by answering their paint-related questions, fostering a community around her brand.
  • The Power of Reels: Every post was a reel, emphasizing the platform’s preference for video content and its wider reach.

Explosive Growth

In just five weeks, Amy’s focused approach catapulted her from a few thousand followers on her original account to nearly 60,000 followers on Paint Made Simple, highlighting the potential of a well-executed content strategy.

Kelly: Finding Joy and Success in Niche Content

The Tattered Pew to Lazy Girls Garden Club

Kelly’s journey from The Tattered Pew, a broad lifestyle account, to the niche-focused Lazy Girls Garden Club reveals the impact of honing in on specific content that both the creator and audience love.

Key Strategies

  • Daily Reels: Like Amy, Kelly emphasized the importance of daily reels, especially in the early stages of account growth, to keep the momentum.
  • Utilizing All Instagram Features: Kelly leveraged every tool Instagram offers, from polls to notes, to maximize engagement and visibility.
  • Positive and Helpful Content: Focusing on uplifting and informative content, Kelly avoided negative topics that could deter potential followers.

Viral Growth and Engagement

Starting the account as a passion project, Kelly experienced viral success, with her follower count skyrocketing to 190,000 in just four months. This growth was fueled by engaging content, strategic use of Instagram features, and a deep connection with her audience.

Lessons Learned and Tips for New Creators

  • Start with a Plan: Before diving in, outline your content strategy and define the purpose of your account.
  • Serve Your Audience: Shift the focus from what you can get to how you can serve your audience. This servant’s mindset will guide your content creation.
  • Engage Authentically: Don’t shy away from interacting with your followers. Genuine engagement builds a loyal community.
  • Find Your Joy: Choose a niche or topic that excites you. Your enthusiasm will translate into engaging content that resonates with your audience.
  • Be Intentional: Every post, story, and reel should have a clear purpose and contribute to your overall brand message.

Amy and Kelly’s stories are a testament to the transformative potential of Instagram when approached with intention, dedication, and a focus on serving the audience. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to breathe new life into your Instagram account, their insights offer valuable guidance for achieving success on the platform.

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