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146 | How to Become a Brand Ambassador for a Magazine with Stephanie Leleux

This week, I am thrilled to have Stephanie Leleux from the blog Returning Grace. Join us as we dive into Stephanie’s journey from starting an Instagram account to promote her handmade items to becoming the 2024 Brand Ambassador for American Farmhouse Style Magazine. Stephanie shares her inspiring story, valuable tips, and behind-the-scenes insights that will leave you motivated and ready to take your creative business to new heights.

Listen in to hear all about:

Stephanie’s Journey: How it Started

Stephanie started her journey by promoting her handmade items on Instagram, which evolved into a thriving social media presence and a successful blog.

Stephanie and her husband, Skip, run an Etsy shop and a website where they sell handmade pillow covers, tea towels, table linens, and personalized seasonal items.

Becoming a Brand Ambassador for a Magazine: How it’s Going

Stephanie shares how she became the 2024 Brand Ambassador for American Farmhouse Style Magazine. From being a long-time subscriber to participating in their annual contest, Stephanie’s story is both motivational and insightful.

Behind the Scenes with Magazines:

Discover the process and effort involved in becoming a brand ambassador, including creating DIY projects, writing articles, and producing weekly content for the magazine’s social media.

Photography and Content Creation:

Stephanie discusses her journey in improving her photography skills and the importance of high-quality still photos for magazine features. She shares the courses she took and the benefits of one-on-one instruction from a local photography group.

Tips for Aspiring Brand Ambassadors:

Tag your favorite magazines in your posts, engage with their content, and don’t be afraid to reach out via email or social media. Establish genuine connections and focus on creating high-quality content that aligns with the magazine’s style and audience.

Impact on Business:

Stephanie talks about the positive impact being a brand ambassador has had on her business, including increased traffic, new connections, and learning valuable lessons about content creation and brand collaboration.

Connect with Stephanie Leleux:

Check out Stephanie’s beautiful handmade items and stay updated with her latest projects and tips.

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  1. Skip Leleux says:

    That woman is Amazing!
    Incredibly talented and committed in what she does. It was also a great reminder to me as her husband of the work ethic she has put into and still doing as a brand ambassador.
    She has been honored no doubt to have our home and her creations to be shared with such a large platform, but also on the flip side of that coin, the “total package and value” she brings as a brand ambassador is unmeasurable. I see it first hand

    Thanks for having her on your podcast.
    Great job!

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