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145 | Listen in to a Live Fuel Mastermind Call

In this week’s special episode, you can take a peek behind the scenes of a live Fuel Mastermind call where our group of bloggers gather weekly to discuss their businesses. This community-driven session is filled with valuable insights, strategies, and a whole lot of fun. Listen in and see if it may be a fit for you, too!

Here are some key takeaways from our FUEL call group discussion:

(this call was recorded in February 2024)

Rank IQ Insights:

  • Renae shares her love for Rank IQ, emphasizing the ease of having keywords readily available and how it simplifies updating old posts. After three months of using it, she’s starting to see positive analytics.

Web Stories Success:

  • Amy talks about outsourcing web stories and seeing significant engagement. Despite some believing web stories are outdated, she finds them highly effective.
  • Wendy supports this by sharing her success with repurposing old web stories and using ChatGPT to refresh content, leading to great results.

Facebook Strategies:

  • Wendy shares her recent success on Facebook, with a post reaching 260,000 views and 3,000 likes. By inviting those who liked her post to follow her page, she grew her followers from 900 to 5,000 in just ten days.
  • Kelly explains how she leverages Facebook’s action buttons to drive traffic to her opt-in pages, enhancing user engagement and growing her email list.

ChatGPT for Efficiency:

  • Jennifer reveals how ChatGPT has revolutionized her workflow by helping her create detailed schedules and course outlines. By using AI, she’s been able to manage her time better and focus on content creation.

Website and Email Marketing Updates:

  • Stephanie celebrates the launch of her new website and the transition to Flodesk for her email marketing, enhancing her ability to manage and segment her audience efficiently.

Instagram Growth:

  • Amy shares her rapid growth on a new, niche-focused Instagram account, gaining significant traction in just six days.

Join the Fuel Mastermind!

If you enjoyed this sneak peek and are looking for a supportive community to help you grow your blog and business, consider joining our Fuel Mastermind. It’s a space where bloggers like you come together to share insights, solve problems, and support each other on the journey to success. Click here to learn more and sign up.

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