136 | Part 4: Brand Collab Secrets: Consistent Income from Brand Relationships

Welcome back my friend. As we wrap up our discussion on brand collab secrets let’s find out how to create long-term brand relationships that last. It’s one thing to land a brand deal, but sustaining a strong partnership can turn a single project into a consistent monthly income for your business. 

Let’s dive into strategies for making your brand collaborations last.

Step 1: Consistent Communication and Feedback

Open lines of communication are the foundation of any long-term relationship, including those with brands. Regular check-ins by email, sharing progress updates, and being receptive to feedback are all part of it. 

Over communicate is my motto. Trust me the brand will appreciate it. This is a great way to help them look good.

Step 2: Delivering Beyond Expectations

To keep a brand coming back, aim to consistently deliver content that exceeds their expectations. Purposely hold back tiny things from the deal so that you can strategically add them into your project as unexpected value.

Whether it’s additional promotion on your channels that weren’t part of the original deal or leveraging your email list make it a win for them and easy for you.

Step 3: Cultivate and Celebrate

Remember it’s not just a transaction. These are real people you are dealing with so make an effort to be human. Ask how their week is going when you follow up with updates. Tell them how excited you are that the content is doing so well. Don’t go overboard by being too personal, but keep it friendly and real. 

Never end a campaign or project without know what to expect next. When turning in assets, include a statement on how you’d love to find out what is coming up next. And, “When is your fiscal year begin and end?” And “I’d love to pitch for any last minute campaign openings you need to fill”.  “I’m here for you as a resource.”

As we wrap up today’s episode, remember that brand relationships can be highly lucrative for your business. Make them look good and you will create a friend in the business. Keep building, growing, and creating those win-win situations with your brand partners for a consistent income.

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