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44 | Flipping Furniture with YouTuber, Christina Muscari

Do you know what’s even more rewarding than creating something beautiful? Getting paid to do it! My guest today, Christina Muscari, is a full-time mom turned YouTube success story. With over a million followers, Christina is the master of repurposing content for use across multiple platforms. She talks to me today about how she got started, how she’s monetized her creations, and which platforms have shown her the most growth. She also has some great tips for shooting videos and staying centered when internet negativity rears its ugly head.

In this episode, we cover:

– Why you need to give YouTube a try

– Repurposing YouTube content for Instagram

– Why video-focused platforms are better for brand partnerships

– Making money through ad revenue with videos

– How to film video with repurposing in mind

– The best-paying content platform

– How to make money on a video from multiple sources

– Forward planning for content creation

– Standing firm in your values 

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