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141 | Surviving Google Updates: A Fresh Strategy from Social Media to SEO

Welcome back to the podcast my friend! In this episode we dive deep into the rollercoaster experience with Google’s algorithm updates and how they’ve impacted my blog and online presence.

Join me as I share my personal journey, the lessons learned, and the strategies I’m implementing to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of online content creation including a new strategic path for creating content that begins with social media insights and ends with SEO optimization.

After experiencing a severe drop in traffic due to an algorithm update, I realized the need to diversify my approach and reduce my dependence on Google alone. This led to a new strategy for content creation that starts with understanding current trends and audience interests across various platforms.

A New Strategy Path for Content Creation

Instead of starting with keyword research, I now begin my content creation journey with social media platforms to gauge current trends and audience interests. Here’s a step-by-step look at my new strategy path:

1. Starting with TikTok for Trend Discovery

  • TikTok Trends: I begin by exploring TikTok to identify current trends in my niche. Using tools like TikTok’s Creative Center, I can find top-performing videos and gather insights on what content is resonating with users right now.

2. Engaging with Facebook Groups

  • Niche Groups: Next, I move to Facebook groups related to my niche. These groups are goldmines for understanding what my target audience is excited about, discussing, or seeking solutions for. By engaging in these communities, I can gather real-time feedback and ideas for content that addresses my audience’s needs.

3. Validating Ideas on Pinterest

  • Pinterest Search: After solidifying content ideas, I use Pinterest to check if these topics are already gaining traction. Pinterest can often show whether an idea has lasting power and how broadly it appeals to different demographics.

4. Refining with SEO Keyword Tools

  • Keyword Optimization: Finally, I use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to refine my ideas with keyword research. This step ensures that the content is not only trendy and user-focused but also optimized for search engines to maximize visibility.

Creating Content That Connects and Converts

By integrating insights from social media and group interactions before finalizing with SEO tools, my content is more likely to resonate with both my audience and search engines. This approach helps create a deeper connection with readers and ensures the content is both timely and searchable.

Tools and Tips for Handling SEO Changes

To adapt to Google’s changes, several practical tools and strategies proved invaluable:

  • Broken Link Check: Regularly checking and fixing broken links to maintain website health.
  • Content Review: Updating and refining existing content to ensure relevance and engagement.
  • Diversifying Traffic: Reducing dependency on Google by using social media platforms to engage directly with the audience, thus broadening traffic sources.

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:

Expanding Beyond Google

By branching out to social media and other platforms, I reduced my dependency on Google-driven traffic. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok offer direct ways to engage with your audience and drive traffic back to your website.

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