114 | Fluencer Fruit: The Secret to Making Money on Amazon with Liz Saunders

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Boost Your Amazon Shoppable Video Income

Imagine having a source of passive income, almost as close to passive as it gets. Amazon Shoppable videos can help you achieve this dream. In this episode, we dive into Fluencer Fruit, an amazing tool that can accelerate your Amazon income created by Liz Saunders.

Liz Saunders is our special guest today, and she has quite the journey. She transitioned from being an Amazon seller to an Amazon influencer. But what’s the difference between these two roles?

Amazon sellers list and sell products on the platform, while Amazon influencers create content directly for Amazon to help shoppers make informed buying decisions.

What Is an Amazon Shoppable Video?

Amazon’s Shoppable videos are a game-changer. Liz explains it as content that Amazon allows influencers to upload, helping shoppers make confident decisions. It’s about strategically placing your videos where they matter most.

Introducing Fluencer Fruit

Fluencer Fruit was born out of Liz’s desire to simplify her own influencer journey. It’s a Chrome extension that provides key information about Amazon product listings, making your influencer journey more efficient.

This tool is like a compass for influencer success. It shows you which product listings are ideal for your videos, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Opportunity and Potential Earnings

The opportunity in Amazon influencer marketing is vast. Amazon is investing heavily in this space, and the potential for growth is significant. Liz discusses how you can start making money with as few as ten videos and offers insights on scaling your earnings.

Liz’s Course: A Guide to Success

For those looking to level up their Amazon influencer game, Liz offers a comprehensive course. This course covers everything from getting started to scaling your influencer income. It’s a must for anyone serious about success in this field.

Tips for Beginners

Liz’s advice for beginners: Start by creating three short videos about products you love. Dive in, and don’t worry too much about perfection. The first step is often the hardest, but it’s crucial to get started.

Also, be sure to check whether you’re earning from on-site or off-site purchases in your Amazon associate account.

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